Lino Galiana

Lino Galiana

Data Scientist



I am data scientist at the French national statistical institute, Insee. I study how emerging data or new computational methods help to renew the production of statistical knowledge.

I mostly work with Python and . I sometimes use C++ to improve performance or Spark for big data analysis. I am a huge Git fan. I also like a lot the possibilities offered by state-of-the-art data-science tools to reduce the cost of exploring new datasets or new questions.

Most of my work is available on my Github page or the Github page of the Insee’s Lab. I maintain the utilitR project which is a collective effort involving many people from French administration to propose a high-quality documentation regarding software. See Projects 👇 and Publications 👇 and Talks 👇 sections for more details.

I currently teach Python for Data Scientists (Github repository ) at ENSAE Paris Tech, one of the top French engineering school. I also teach a course “Reproductibility and good practices in data science projets” (Github repository ) that brings student to the question of MLops. I used to teach urban economics at Sciences Po Paris and macroeconomics for candidates to the Insee exam. See Teaching 👇 section for more details.

  • Big data
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Econometrics
  • Msc Statistics and Data Science, 2017


  • Msc Econometrics, 2013-2018

    ENS Lyon & Paris School of Economics

  • Msc Applied Mathematics, 2015-2017

    Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu), Paris VI


Data Scientist
Sep 2018 – Present Paris
Academic research in the Department of Economic Studies.
See Projects 👇 and Publications 👇 and Talks 👇 sections for more details.
ENSAE Paris Tech
Sep 2020 – Present Paris
Python for data scientists
Github page

Reproductibility and good practices in data-science projects
Github page

See Teaching 👇 section for more details.
Sciences Po Paris
Jan 2016 – May 2020 Paris

Past courses:

  • Urban Economics: Master 1 in geography (2016-2020) ; - Microeconomics: undergraduate, 2016-2017 ; - Mathematics for economists: undergraduate, 2016-2017.

    See Teaching 👇 section for more details.


List of some courses I gave recently

Travail collaboratif avec `R` et `Git`

Travail collaboratif avec R et Git

Cours pour dĂ©couvrir la manière d’utiliser R dans un projet collaboratif avec Git crĂ©Ă© Ă  l’Insee avec Mathias AndrĂ©, Romain Lesur, Annie Moineau et Olivier Meslin.

Le contenu du cours est disponible sur le site web Le code source est disponible sur le compte Github InseeFrLab

2019: Macroeconomics

Undergraduate macroeconomics course for exam preparation at INSEE

2016-2019: Urban Economics

Urban Economics course at Sciences Po. Program available here

2016-2017: Mathematics for Economics

Undergraduate mathematics course at Sciences Po

2016-2017: Microeconomics

Undergraduate microeconomics course at Sciences Po

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